27 Aug 2014
Same skill tho B) Well…are you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SO LEWD. No, it’s another kind of manufacturing job. I’ll share more details if things move in the right direction. Otherwise, it’ll just be my little secret.

27 Aug 2014

I’m glad one of the “flirting phrases” Duolingo teaches you in Italian is “Can I buy you an ice cream?” Nothing flirtier than that, huh? (In case you ever want to use it, it’s “Posso offrirti un gelato?”)

The greatest one by far is “Dovrei chiamare la polizia perché mi hai appena rubato il cuore.” (I should call the police because you’ve just stolen my heart.) Dear god.

27 Aug 2014

standalous replied to your post: I’m applying for a very strange job an…


Well, the job does involve making stuff. And I do make stuff. It’s just…not the same stuff.

(It sounds like I applied at a sex toy manufacturer or something.)